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    The idea for this site came about out of a passion to play paintball.  We understand there are people from all age groups that enjoy playing paintball, but as we all know, quality paintballs can become expensive and often dictates whether to play or not.  By offering membership levels based on how much you play, WhiteDwarfPB can offer the player or teams a quite significant discount pricing based on your level of membership.  By offering membership levels, significant savings can be obtained and people of all ages can enjoy playing and/or competing more often.

    As an Authorized dealer for Valken, members will have the option to order any other product lines from the Valken catalog and use your membership plan to receive member pricing.  Just send us an email with your product and color preferences and we will check to see if it is stock.  If it is, we will send you pricing for the products, the total amount to be collected and ship the product to your door.  Membership has its advantages!

    Additionally, we want to support the sport of paintball and encourage everyone to play.  WhiteDwarfPB is committed to belonging to a growing community, not just a business.  We will try our best to support the Southern Nevada and Southern California customers with hand delivery of product to reduce shipping costs that are passed on to our customers.  If you wish to have large orders hand delivered, send us an email or add a note on checkout and we will do our best to get it to you.  We are committed to excellent customer service.

    Lastly, we ask that if you are a member of WhiteDwarfPB, please support your local field owners by purchasing a case of paint or some of their product from time to time.  WhiteDwarfPB understands that without fields to play at, the sport cannot grow.  They have invested a lot of time and money to help this sport become popular and grow, the last thing we want to see is fields closing.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.


    Valken Authorized Dealer